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Inadaquate "Normal" Gum Recession Overgrown Gums From Mouth Breathing High Lip Line
The Problem
For many people a full smile with bright white teeth is not possible. They show small teeth with a lot of red gums. They frequently think that they have short teeth or that their gums have grown over their teeth. In their own minds, they see their smile as a GUMMY SMILE and don't know that something can be done to give them a fuller, more cosmetically pleasing smile.
The Solution
You usually don't have short teeth when you think that you have a GUMMY SMILE. Usually, you just have too much gum tissue which needs to be simply removed in order to let your teeth show their normal length and beauty. Plastic surgery for your smile can be done by a periodontist, a gum disease specialist.
Plastic Surgery for your GUMMY SMILE


Periodontists are the dental specialists who treat gum disease and are known as The Plastic Surgeons for Your Smile. Periodontists are able to provide a simple surgical solution that is done in the office with only a simple novocaine-type local anesthetic. This minimally-invasive surgery doesn't hurt when it is being done and usually doesn't cause pain after the anesthetic has worn off.
Inadaquate "Normal" Gum Recession Inadaquate "Normal" Gum Recession - After
This website will explain and show:
A. The GUMMY SMILE Case Typess - before and after surgical correction
B. The Surgical Procedures - the description of the two different procedures and why they are used
C. The GUMMY SMILE PROJECT Periodontal Specialists

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