The Surgical Procedures
Done with only a local anesthetic (novocaine-type). No pain is felt during the surgical procedures.
The Gingivectomy
This excision of gum tissue may also be refered to as a gingivoplasty depending on the health of the gum tissue. This is the least invasive of the two different surgical procedures which are used to correct a GUMMY SMILE. The gingivectomy is the surgical excision of excess gum tissue which is accomplished without having to expose the underlying bone. Frequently a preiodontal dressing will be placed over the teeth and gums in order to protect the healing tissues. Due to the fact that the procedure is minimally-invasive, patients may have soreness or discomfort, but usually not pain after the gingivectomy has been done.
The Flap Surgery
The flap surgery is required when there is need to expose the underlying bone in order to remove some of that bone. This is required when the teeth are naturally short, the teeth have been badly worn, or the bone contours (under the gums where the gums meet the teeth) are thick and irregular. Sutures (stitches) are usually needed, in addition to a periodontal dressing. There is more of a tendency to have more discomfort or pain than is experienced with a gingivectomy.