1. Inadaquate "Normal" Gum Recession - "Altered Passive Eruption"

The gums normally recede as a part of the normal eruption of the teeth. When this normal recession doesn't occur, and it may in some cases be genetic, the gums cover too much of the teeth and make them appear "too short". The teeth are usually not "too short", they are usually normally-sized.
Case 1a
A 15 year old girl who has been referred to a periodontist by an orthodontist for the surgical correction of her GUMMY SMILE.
altered passive eruption

Following her orthodontic treatment, her orthodontist requests the surgical correction

treatment result

Minimally-invasive surgery has created a fuller and happier smile with minimal post-surgical inconvenience. Her teeth now show their normal size since they are not covered with excess gum tissue.

pre treatment

Lip retraction shows the case with a better visualization of the short teeth.

post surgical close-up

The cosmetically-pleasing tooth appearances now reflect the form of her face and allow her normal tooth length and her smile to shine.

Case 1b This 16 year old female complained about her GUMMY SMILE and how it made her feel self-conscious about her smile in school.
gummy smile

These teeth appear to be "short" due to the excess gum tissue.


Conservative surgery has exposed the normal appearance of the teeth. A normal, full smile brightens her life and creates more self-confidence.