2. Overgrown Gums From Irritation From Braces
Some patients have gum irritation and overgrowth from braces that are perfectly placed on the teeth. This is more likely to happen if the teeth appear short before the braces are placed on the teeth. This problem results not from the quality of the orthodontic care, but is a result of the pre-treatment gum thickness and contours that the patient had.
Case 2 A 14 year old boy has been referred for surgical correction by his orthodontist since the orthodontist thought that the overgrown gums interferred with the orthodontic therapy. The patient and his parent were also very unhappy with his appearance. The patient said, "I hate the way my teeth look".


The gingival tissues have overgrown during the course of orthodontic therapy despite his good oral hygiene.


Normal tooth lengths have been exposed which had been covered with too much gum tissue.